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What can Carimor Sheds do?

Carimor Sheds custom design, site specifically engineer, fabricate and install structural steel sheds. We can supply sheds in kit form or undertake the construction for you, including obtaining any required local council approvals.

How are you different to the shed companies?

We work with you to custom design a shed that you want, not give you a stock standard, basic sized shed. All sheds are fabricated from DuraGal and/or Hot Dipped Galvanised steel and is manufactured in our workshop in Geraldton.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with a huge variety and range of clients, from homeowners to farmers to business people. We will work with anyone to help design, fabricate and install a shed built to there requirements.

Where are your clients located?

Most of our clients are based in the Midwest area of Western Australia. However, we have worked with clients who were based outside of this area, including Perth, Murchison, Gascoyne and beyond.

What type of sheds do you build?

Types of sheds we build include open side machinery sheds, open end storage sheds, fully enclosed workshops, shearing sheds, fertiliser and grain storage sheds and residential outbuildings. Visit our website to view the sheds we have previously completed.

Do you build live in sheds?

Our focus is solely on agricultural and industrial type sheds. We do not build live in sheds including shed homes, kit homes or granny flats. These buildings fall under a building classification that we do not specialise in. However, we can build residential outbuildings for the storage of your vehicles, boat or caravan.

What is the correct wind rating for my shed?

Every part of Australia has a different wind rating and speed. There are 4 main Wind Regions – A and B (non-cyclonic), C and D (cyclonic). The impact of wind speeds on your region needs to be accounted for in the engineering and design of the sheds constructed on your property.

Do I need council approval for my shed?

Like all other buildings, sheds must meet all relevant local council approvals and comply with any applicable legislations and regulations. In nearly all cases, planning and building approvals will need to be considered.

Do you offer delivery?

Carimor Sheds can deliver the shed to site. This is usually stated in any quotes given.

Do you erect sheds?

We have our own experienced and well-equipped team dedicated to shed installation. Failing that, we can organise other experienced and well-equipped teams to do the install on our behalf. Carimor Sheds is also a registered building contractor within Western Australia. also enabling us to be the registered builder for our projects.


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