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As a local family owned and operated small businesses in Geraldton, Carimor Sheds is keeping a close eye on the rapidly changing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. The safety of our workers, customers and suppliers is our priority. As a result, Carimor Sheds may introduce several extra safety measures to help reduce the risk presented by the virus while continuing to operate our business.

These extra measures include:

· Updating our Safety Management Plan to minimise the risks associated with Coronavirus.

· Having hand sanitiser available for all workers and customers who visit our office, workshop and work sites and reinforcing good hygiene practices to reduce the spread of the virus.

· Asking that anyone who has returned from overseas, has flu like symptoms or has been in contact with infected people in the last 14 days, to please self-isolate for the required minimum of 14 days.

· Restricting access to our office, workshop and worksites to non-essential personnel. This may mean communication via email or phone call.

· Postponing or cancelling jobs where a high risk of contracting or spreading the virus has been identified.

· Requesting that all customers call or email Carimor Sheds rather than coming in to see us. If you need to see us, or are a supplier needing to drop off materials, an arranged time may need to be made while social distancing is maintained.

· Carimor Sheds is continually monitoring the situation and will continue to update our situation in response to any government or health authority advice.

Currently we are operating as normal, but this may change going forward. We will work with our suppliers to try and minimise any disruptions if possible. But it is expected that there will be disruptions if the situation drastically worsens.

Everyone has a role to play in responding to and limiting the spread of the virus. By calmly working together, we are committed to continuing delivering our quality customer service, safely and responsibly.

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