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Like every building, all sheds need to have all relevant local council approvals and comply with any applicable legislations and regulations before commencing construction. In nearly all cases, planning and building approvals will be required.

Planning Approval

Planning approval grants permission for development or land use. Planning approvals make sure that any development complies with local council planning policies and schemes, residential design codes and other applicable legislation and policies.

Planning approval may not always be required for sheds. The need for planning approval depends on several factors including:

· Does the shed exceed 10m2 in total floor area?

· Is the land zoned residential, rural residential, rural or light commercial?

· Is the land in a bushfire prone area?

· Is the land in a flood plain area?

· Does the land have any heritage compliance requirements?

· Does the land have a dwelling on site (house/other outbuildings etc.)

If your shed falls into any of these categories, it is more than likely that planning approval will be required prior to building. With a quick call to your local council, you should be able to confirm whether planning approval is required.

If planning approval is required for the shed, it will incur extra costs. We can predetermine this figure by calculating the estimated cost of your shed and other required works i.e. earthworks, drainage, etc. For example, if the shed costs between $50,000 and $500,000, then planning approval will cost 0.32% of the total development cost.

Local councils have 60 business days once a planning application has been received to determine planning approval. This sounds like a long time and it is why Carimor Sheds makes sure the planning application is one of the first steps when proceeding with a job.

Building Permits

In Australia, building permits are required before carrying out any construction work. The building permit is to ensure the shed is compliant with the National Construction Code and all other legislations relating to your land and building.

To make this process easier for you, Carimor Sheds can include building permits in your quote. Where short timeframes are required, Carimor Sheds can submit certified building permit applications, meaning the local council has only 10 business days in determining the application, as opposed to 25 business days with uncertified permit applications. This means that an independent building certifier is engaged to review the specifications, planning approvals and structural engineered plans before supplying a Certificate of Design Compliance for submission to the local council.

If you are after a seamless and stress-free experience, Carimor Sheds can take care of all approvals required from the local council from start to finish.

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