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Caring for and maintaining the quality of your assets is a vital to the ongoing success of your business, and part of that is making sure your assets remain secure and out of the elements. As an example, a farm machinery storage shed should be a part of your maintenance plan.

It is also difficult to fully understand what exactly goes into the price of a shed. Your financial situation may cater for a cheap shed, so you need to ensure that any pricing includes no hidden fees or larger on-going costs. Below is what you need to know about standard shed prices, and what to be mindful of to ensure that your shed is a solid investment, both now and into the future.

Know the Construction Costs Up Front

Most crucially, you need to know as much as you can about what it is going to cost to construct your shed. If you are given a rough estimate online or over the phone, you may fall short and could run out of finances to finish the shed or incur substantial extra costs.

Shed erectors can give ball park figures, but it can be difficult to establish the true cost. Experience shows that the construction cost can be around a third of the overall price of the shed. Costs can vary considerably, subject to location and extras like windows and doors.

To help prevent this from happening, source a shed builder that can build your shed from start to finish. This eliminates a two-stage process, which tends to hide and add hidden costs. It ensures that all costs related to the construction of the shed is included.

Understand the Difference Between Cheap Steel and Structural Steel

Knowing this difference is vitally important. Cheaper, light-weight material such as C-Purlin may make financial sense in the short term but can result in significant repair or replacement costs in the future.

Heavy, durable structural steel may increase your shed costs initially, but it helps future-proof your investment, particularly if you know and trust the shed builder who designed, fabricated and installed the shed. For this step, thinking long-term is the way to go.

Understand Who is Building Your Shed

The shed builder who builds your shed is clearly associated to the long-term quality of the finished shed. Reputation is everything. Quality shed builders will have a variety of clients who are not hesitant to listen to their expertise.

When choosing a shed, you will find several cheaper imports that will initially seem like a better deal financially. But as is generally the case with the poor quality of steel, these cheaper sheds may substantially increase your long-term maintenance and potential replacement costs.

It can also be difficult to source materials such as cladding for imported sheds. If any issues occur, it may be up to you to fix them. Hidden import costs such as these, in addition to the importance of reputation, make it important to do research and get an understanding of exactly who is building your shed.

Be Aware of the Paperwork Needed During the Building Process

Building a shed sometimes requires considerable red tape. You may need to get council approval, which requires application work and a possibly a process of numerous draft drawings that requires extra time and money.

On your own, the paperwork required can substantially increase both stress and time taken to build your shed. It makes sense to choose a shed builder who can perform these tasks on your behalf, thanks to a thorough understanding of the process involved and what it takes to make the process quicker.

Working with a shed builder may increase your costs initially, but it also substantially increases the prospects of getting everything right, which decreases likely future risks and hidden costs.

When buying a shed, a cheaper initial price is not always the best investment. You need to understand all factors involved in the costs, and what to look for to help you save money in the long term.

That process may be tricky, but the above steps can help you.


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